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Three Medical Speaking Apps

Touch Voice produces three (3) medical grade speaking software apps which run on various computer Android tablets, iPads, some smart phones, most laptops and desktops allowing the speech impaired to speak by touching or clicking on buttons.

Touch Voice apps have been designed to address medical conditions such as Stroke, ALS, Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Tumor, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Ataxia, Dysarthria, Laryngeal Cancer and potentially others not listed here or tried.

People who can't speak are frustrated trying to communicate with their caregivers, friends, family and loved ones. Just as others can be frustrated in trying to communicate with them.  Or their speech may be just too weak or inarticulate to understand.  By using Touch Voice Apps they can quickly and easily voice their needs and feelings, thereby better communicating in general.  Ultimately this can reduce their stress levels, lead to better care and aid in their recovery.

It is important to understand the appropriateness of Touch Voice AAC software apps, and that their use may be different in every situation, medical condition, and specific individual. We recommend larger tablets over phones and computer devices with large touch surfaces.  This is due to an associative nature of speech impairment in which in some cases, hands and fingers may be too shaky or weak to touch the smaller buttons which speak words.  In other cases, cognitive damage to word recognition makes it difficult to communicate, so we have included images with words to assist those individuals.

1 DAY FREE DEMO TOUCH VOICE GOLD: Our NEW Touch Voice Gold works on most devices (iPads 2 and above, Android devices, Microsoft and Apple computers).  You can try Touch Voice Gold Web App right now.  You'll need to have the sound turned up on your computer/tablet/pad.  You can purchase the Touch Voice Gold Web App with your Paypal account today for your desktop computer and still run the same web app on a newly purchased iPad/Android Tablet/Microsoft Surface into the future!  

1.  ****You can get a free copy of Chrome Browser for your device type here.

2.  For FREE Demo **** if you use a Google Chrome Browser installed on your computer device first and then visit this link on the internet

We have incorporated feedback from our customers improving our apps features and usability. Please consider purchasing one of our apps today.

REFUND GUARANTEE: We can and will refund the purchase price of your app software, if you find the app to be non-effective within 30 days.  Apple iPad app refunds only will need to contact Apple.  All others contact Touch Voice.

Purchase now for yourself or a friend or loved one.

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