Touch Voice + App for Android

Touch Voice + is a Medical Speaking App which allows speech impaired persons to communicate.

Helping people with speech impaired medical conditions to speak; at home, on the go and now in hospital intensive care, ventilator and stroke wards, for affordable Android tablets.  Buy online to install on your tablet device.

BUY THE NEW IMPROVED: Android Version Touch Voice + for Android tablets and smart phones sold on Google Play, medical app store (INSTRUCTIONS: Once you have your Android 4.1 or higher version hardware tablet device available and setup, visit this website in the tablets mobile browser and click on Google Play store link to purchase and download your app).  Then get more natural sounding voices.

Touch Voice + was designed to address alternative communication needs for some persons with stroke, surgery and other conditions * which affect their speaking ability.

* Medical conditions in which the Touch Voice + App may be able to help people better communicate are: Stroke, ALS, traumatic brain injury, Brain tumor, Cerebral palsy, Multiple sclerosis, Ataxia, Dysarthria, Laryngeal Cancer and potentially others.

Using Touch Voice +, a person can "speak" words and sentences easily by touching their finger to the touch-sensitive screen.  A male or female, (or child) computer-synthesized voice can be configured.

People who can't speak are frustrated trying to communicate with their caregivers, friends, and loved ones. Just as others can be frustrated in trying to communicate with them.  Or their speech may be just too weak or inarticulate to understand.  By using Touch Voice +, they can quickly and easily voice their needs and feelings, thereby better communicating in general.  Ultimately this can reduce their stress levels, lead to better care and aid in their recovery.  Touch Voice + is useful in conditions where someone knows the right words but cannot speak them, or vocalize them intelligible.


Visit the Google Play Store to purchase the Touch Voice + app with additional features including graphics and better voice speaking capabilities for use on more affordable Android tablets and large screen smart phones.










We recommend purchasing the Android Touch Voice + version on the Google Play store.  Thank You.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We want you to be happy with the Touch Voice + App for Android.  This applies to the Android Touch Voice + version of the app software only (not hardware). Click here for details on refunds.

For those that already have an Apple iPad available, we recommend the New Touch Voice Gold Web App for the iPad 2 and above.

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