Augmentative Alternative Communication

What is AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication)?

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

The American Speech and Hearing Association definitions an AAC system as "An integrated group of components, including the symbols, aids, strategies and techniques used by individuals to enhance communication".

As this definition states communication encompasses more than just spoken words it includes gestures, eye gaze, touch, body postures/movements, sign language, photographs, printed words, objects, pictoideographs, and Braille.

Aid Refers to "a physical object or device used to transmit or receive messages (e.g. communication book, board, chart, mechanical or electronic device, computer)" (ASHA, 1991, p. 10). Lewis, 1993

AAC:  A set of approaches that is used to improve the communication skills of a person who does not speak or whose speech is not intelligible.  Augmentative Communication Approaches are used to supplement, enhance or support the communication processes for persons who have some speaking skills. Alternative Approaches replace speech as a means of communication.

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