Touch Voice Business Contact Information

We welcome contact by those who are interested in Touch Voice.  Please contact us via email.  We look forward to conversing with you.  However, we have frequently asked questions and help videos on the website and inside the apps... Please read these before contacting us.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Are any other languages besides English and Spanish supported at this time?

No, unfortunately not at this time.



I purchased the original version and there is no sound?

The original version sometimes requires a complete shutdown after installation to work.  This means you must completely "power of the device" and reboot it.  That should solve the problem, and it shouldn't be required ever again.



I purchase the Web App Touch Voice Gold thru my PayPal account and the app didn't download?  Where is the app?

The Touch Voice Gold "Web App" is a app which runs inside of a browser like Chrome.  Most computers, laptops, tablets and pads have a browser and therefore it can run on them all.  The requirements are that a free browser such as Chrome be installed on the device, you can downlaod them from the app stores (Google Chrome full version recommended, since it has speech synthesis capabilities embeded).
You will have received an email (two of them) sent to your PayPal associated email address on the date of purchase.  Inside these emails you will find a ID and computer generated password.
Use these in you browser to login.  Save the password automatically (this is recommended) so you will not have to type it in each time and you are set.
The password is not changeable and we do not provide reset services.  Saving the password will not compromise security on your computer for any other applications. 

Login here (inside chrome browser with login ID and Password sent in PayPal email):



I need help installing and setting up the app?

Unfortunately in order to keep costs down we do not provide support or phone services beyond simple email.  If you need help installing the app we can not provide it, I suggest asking for help from someone who understands this.


Will the apps work without Wi-fi access?

The Original Touch Voice for the iPad will, but has a crude sounding voice and limited vocabulary as a result.  Others such as Gold versions on Apple, Android or PayPal all require wi-fi at some point to work.
To install the app on any platform will require wi-fi as well.


Can I use Touch Voice on my phone or small size tablet?

No it is not recommended or can not be done period.  Here is why . . . Touch Voice uses the touching of buttons to speak for the speech impaired.  The large buttons and the number of them on the screen allow for a reasonable size vocabulary to communicate.  Phones have too small a surface area to include a large number of buttons on the screen at one time and many people may have trouble touching or seeing the very small buttons.


I would like a refund.

Refunds are provided within 90 days of purchase for whatever reason. Those after 90 days will not be refunded.  But first we must know which version of Touch Voice you purchased.  There are five different versions now on various computer types.


A.  Apple App iOS Original  (CONTACT Apple for refund, Apple controls this)

B.  Apple App iOS Gold version  (CONTACT Apple for refund, Apple controls this)

C.  Android Google App Touch Voice + [plus]  (CONTACT me for refund, email receipt proof of purchase required)

D.  Web App using Chrome browser purchase via PayPAL.  (CONTACT me for refund, email receipt proof of purchase required)

Also state 

English Version or Spanish Version



Michael McAnally, CEO and Founder,