FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions



Are other languages available besides English for Touch Voice?


Yes.  Spanish.  At this time no other languages are being produced for Touch Voice Gold, but that could change over time.  Contact us with your requested language.



Is it possible to use your app offline?


Complete Answer: The Touch Voice original for the iPad and the Touch Voice Plus (+) for the Android tablet can be used without internet access after app is installed.  However, they both have an advance option which uses some internet access, if it is available.  This gives the iPad version a better, more natural sounding voice and the Android version is much more extensive with many more words and speaking images that are also available.

New and Latest Version: The Gold version of Touch Voice (our latest and continually improving version), via the use of Chrome browser, iPad or Android has the most advance features, across the most computer devices, but does require internet access... the same goes for the Spanish version, it is comparable to Gold.  Internet Access is required, however it is understood it may not always be available.  Some tablets can be purchased with a broadband carrier (a data plan) which will resolve this connectivity issue with a small cost monthly.  Also, there is a home service on Comcast Xfinity which allows access to wi-fi hot spots in many areas of the US and there may be other services available in other countries.  There are always Internet Cafes and it is recommended to have home wi-fi available.